Searching For Walleye On Lake Eries Shallow Structure

Friday Day 7 June 28th OSullivans Rainbow

Thursday Day 6 July 27 2019 OSollivans Rainbow

Wednesday Day 5 June 25th 2019 OSullivans Rainbow

TUESDAY Day 4 June 24th 2019 OSullivans Rainbow

MONDAY Day 3 June 24th 2019 OSullivans Rainbow

SUNDAY DAY 2 June 23rd 2019 OSullivan Rainbow

FRIDAY and SATURDAY Travel and Day 1 June 21st and 22nd 2019 OSullivans Rainbow

41 Walleyes in November

36 Walleye in November 2019

53 walleyes August 17 2019

Kurtz Family Northern Adventure Lodge 88 and Waterfall Lodge

2018 O'Sullivans Rainbow 4 Kurtz Boys

Cranberry Creek Chad and I manage 18 Eyes 10/27/18

Fall pond fishing 2018

63 Walleyes fishing out of Cranberry Creek August 12 2018

44 Walleyes fishing solo out of Cranberry Creek July 14 2018

Biggest Eye of our OSullivan Lake trip 2018

Short vid of OSullivan Lake 2018 crazy evening bite

59 Walleyes Cranberry Creek May 5th 2018

Watson's Kaby Lodge August 2017

First Ice Dec 17

First trip of the year May 16 2017

Rainy day at my pond May 2017

Fishing with my son Reagan at the pond May 2017

Chad and I Nov 6th 2016

10 nice Lake Trout on Traverse Bay fishing with captain Chad Dilts withsportfishingmichigan.com

Official 2016 June trip to OSullivans Rainbow on OSullivan Lake Ontario

Short Video 2016 O'Sullivan Lake

Ice fishing Jan 2016

14 minute ride back to O'Sullivans Rainbow

2015 O'Sullivan Lake Go Pro Walleye

Geographical favorite place on Earth

Walleye Central

Best Canadian Lodge I Have Fished

Best Canadian Lodge I Have Fished
Great Owners and Really Large Walleyes For North Of 50
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